Cougar Community

Cougar Community

Colegio Americano Anahuac generates in its community a great sense of belonging and loyalty based on healthy interactions and affective communication and cultivates relationships of respect and collaboration among its members: students, parents, teachers, administrative staff and directors.

Colegio Americano Anahuac gives students and parents the warmest welcome to our institution. We are certain you will envision a new life plan. You will be educated by teachers who will prepare you for the world you will encounter, in which digital competences, knowing multiple languages, teamwork, reading skills, research ability, autonomy, resilience and creativity will be the skills that will help you face the challenges of the future and which are key elements in fostering a learning community in which each of you may enjoy your achievements and experiences.

Colegio Americano Anahuac, as a certified UNESCO institution, intends to educate our students to meet the demands of the XXI century, as entrepreneurs with solid values committed to the development of their surroundings and the wellbeing of society or, in other words, to shape them into being responsible of their own actions, aware that these actions support the transformation of our society and our country.

We are certain that if we work together, you as parents, our students and our teachers and coaches, your children will bolster each and everyone of their abilities and will acquire the necessary skills to meet the demands of the globalized world in which we live.

Let us work together in harmony to make our Cougar community a learning community that our students enjoy and that makes them stand out everywhere they go.

Ms. Gloria Laura Soto Cantú

Academic Director