Global School Project

1st CNEP National Mathematics Cup
17 May, 2019
National School Sports Games 2019
9 August, 2019

Global culture is a fundamental part of the educational model that characterizes us as the American Anahuac School and today we joined the “GLOBAL SCHOOL PROJECT”, which aims to establish academic and human growth relationships with schools in different parts of the world.

This time we received a group of students and teachers from Sidney Sawyer Elementary School of Chicago Ill, who were given a very special welcome during the assembly organized by the high school students.
La semejanza de Sidney Sawyer Elementary School y el Colegio Americano Anáhuac es que son instituciones que trabajan mucho por el crecimiento educativo en la cultura internacional de sus estudiantes y por el crecimiento global de sus estudiantes en todos sus sentidos.
Visitors during the week will have endless activities within the C.A.A. and outside since they will visit various emblematic places in Monterrey. It is worth mentioning that they will always be accompanied by a group of host students from the C.A.A. for whom it will certainly be a great experience.
The students and teachers of the participating schools that establish a “Sister School” relationship will have constant communication in order to share culture, perspectives, knowledge, skills, interests and more.