STEM, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

It is an interdisciplinary subject, related with an educational approach, that joins the next scientific areas: Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics. How do we use it? Uniting the education with technological new systems and tools, with a pedagogical reason, in order to develop complex thinking abilities. Other benefits that can be develop by STEM:

  • Collaborative work.
  • Learning to be.
  • Learning to do.
  • Learning to know.
  • Resignify the knowledge (how to use the new information in other contexts).
  • Lateral learning development.
  • Multiple problem resolution.
  • Complex thinking development.
  • Neuroscience (psychoneuropedagogical and emotional development).

Which are the benefits for the students?

In the current days the development of the new STEM initiative, has been transformed, in the major education tendencies in planification, not just in countries like U.S.A., U.K. and Finland, also in the European Union countries and other international organisms.

Taking in account the most prestigious worldwide countries targets and standards in education, we introduce STEM, as a development technological and scientific area, that stands for an interdisciplinary profile, in students involved. This will contribute to generate new challenge interests that might be the source, of the selection of a future technological degree.

Which profiles will be develop by students with STEM?

• Technology and engineering knowledge

• Entrepreneur and leadership profile

• Emotional intelligence development