UNESCO Projects

UNESCO Projects

Education on Values

Our students are taught based on the four pillars of education:

  1. Learning to know
  2. Learning to do
  3. Learning to be
  4. Learning to live together

It is through these pillars, along with the Colegio Americano Anahuac core values, that our students develop in a healthy and positive environment of continuous growth and become upstanding citizens with a humanistic vision.

As part of our school activities, we collaborate with the RedPapaz UNESCO association which focuses on civic responsibility, sustainability, peace and human rights.

During the 2016-2017 school year, our school participated in the art project “Opening hearts and minds to refugees” which invited elementary students to do a collaborative project. Our students won 1st Place National and 2nd Place World wide with the painting called: “Extrañando el Hogar”.

Our 2nd grade elementary student David Osmar Acosta Cantú and Ms. Josefina Rodríguez, Values Education Coordinator, represented Colegio Americano Anahuac before the UNESCO at Paris, France where Sabine Detzel, International Coordinator of the UNESCO Associated Schools Network (ASPnet), presided the event. To know more about this event click here.

As an institution, we also work with the 17 sustainable development goals for the year 2030, taking steps to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity of all. Every one of these 17 goals sets specific goals which must be met in the next 15 years.


GILA – stands for Global Issues Local Actions and it´s based on the 17 sustainable development goals by UNESCO. GILA is subject which was exclusively created for Colegio Americano Anahuac, it´s part of the curriculum of 9th grade for students to face, analyse and propose alternatives to solve current global issues. As end of year project, 9th graders work in teams to plan a class about one of the 17 goals and present it to students from 1st to 8th grade.